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*MAD HATTER ~ Tim Burton's: Alice in Wonderland, 2010..  Starring Johnny Depp

Are you invited to a Mad Tea Party or Unbirthday party? Here you can find lots of ideas for creating an Alice in Wonderland costume.

Jonny as the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Costume design by Colleen Atwood.

This is the perfect costume for the Mad Hatter. It is very classical but elaborate in a sense. It's very classical and quirky. The costume completely matches the Mad Hatter's craziness and comical nature.

Alice's White Knight armour and the Mad Hatter's battle costume,

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter costume Alice in Wonderland. I wanna dress something like this one year =D

35 Tim Burton Designs #Spooky #Halloween #Eerie

35 Tim Burton Homages

This page features unique Johnny Depp Mad Hatter costumes. So, if you want to dress up as the Mad Hatter this Halloween, you will find many costumes ideas to choose from. There costumes to purchase plus ideas to make your own costume.

Johnny Depp getting ready for being the mad hatter in Tim Burtons; Alice in wonderland

Johnny Depp getting into hair & makeup for Alice in Wonderland! Recreate his eccentric look with this Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Hat Drawing | Johnny Depp - Mad hatter by Mizz-Depp on deviantART

This is a drawing of Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter in Tim Burtons new movie "Alice in Wonderland" I can't wait. I'm hoping to get Johnny autograph on this drawing, when I'm going to the world premi.