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My girlfriend loves to go all out for halloween, I kept it simple, Johnny Bravo style

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Johnny Bravo was a classic Cartoon Network show about a blonde Elvis wannabe with tiny legs and a big ego who was a flop with ladies but a hit with hairspray-manufacturers.

Johnny Bravo Costume

You'll look just like the muscular cartoon character in this exclusive Johnny Bravo costume!

Johnny Bravo Plus Size Mens Costume

Johnny Bravo Plus Size Mens Costume

def had a crush on Johnny Brovo

Johnny is a macho womanizer. His usual clothes are black shades, blonde pompadour hairstyle, black short sleeve shirt, black shoes, and blue pants.

John Smith as Johnny Bravo | See Disney Princesses as Superheroines and Other Characters in Cool Costumes

John Smith as Johnny Bravo

Disney Halloween: John Smith from Pocahontas as Johnny Bravo from the Cartoon Network by IsaiahStephens on deviantART

Hey There Good Lookin'... I love Johnny Bravo!

Hey There Good Lookin' is the latest cartoon video game mashup shirt from TeeTurtle.

CNX Johnny Bravo Johnny & Velma

Velma Dinkley

Eversince the crossover episode between Scooby-Doo and Johnny Bravo in the Cartoon Network.

Tom wants to be Johnny Bravo (he won't have to wear the fake muscles though hehe)  ; )   Johnny Bravo Costume

Johnny Bravo Costume

View details for the project Johnny Bravo Costume on BurdaStyle.

Johnny Bravo Costume

Channeling Elvis Presley, beefcake Johnny Bravo is all looks and no brains. Clad in a tight T-shirt and jeans, Bravo is often combing his hair and failing to