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Gigi on

Oh my gosh! I knew they were setting it up! Also on "A sign of Three" Sherlock says that if he were to kill John it would be by poison because he has effectively managed to slip many things into his drinks for experiments! It is cannon!

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If Watson didn't love Sherlock I would think he was asexual... I mean, come on!!! Just look at those cheek bones and collar :)

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#SherlockLives Limited Tshirt

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25 Times Closed Captions Were The Best Part Of TV

Gatiss is a troll, and we must not forget the John is MARRIED with a STILL BORN CHILD

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this is not ok!! x'O (Johnlock)

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Hahahaha oh my! (also, though I'm pretty sure you all already know, I DO NOT ship Johnlock. Friends that love each other, yes, but NOT lovers!!!)

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