If it were BBC everyone would say something to the effect of: Welcome to the BBC where we have 10 actors and 12 outfits to share.

I wear your dead dad's clothes. I looked incredible. I wear your dead dad's clothes, from that small grave 6 feet down.

Why does Jeffrey Dean Morgan from "Grey's Anatomy" and "Watchmen" look exactly like Javier Bardem from "Eat Pray Love" and "No Country for Old Men"? Description from I searched for this on

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan No No In this picture he's John Winchester, worst father of the century in any show ever, still love him though!

Supernatural AND Grey's Anatomy. I wish he had bigger roles in each. Especially Greys

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Loved him in Grey's Anatomy and the short-lived series "Magic City.

They have had so many child actors for Dean that look nothing like Dean

Bobby taught him how to be a kid, John taught him how to be a soldier. Bobby never had any kids, yet he was a better father than John ever was.

......... *muffled sobbing* .....

This is why nobody should like John Winchester, and Bobby will always win every single father of the year award despite not having biological children. I really, really, REALLY hate John Winchester.

jeffrey dean morgan | Tumblr

jeffrey dean morgan | Tumblr

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