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How are often are we quick to get bent out of shape about the daily mishaps in our lives (ketchup spilling on our shirt)? Let alone the medium things, (a fender bender?) The pic. offers a wonderful idea- Offer these things up. Instead of complaining about the injustice of the world, think of how many souls Mary, or Christ can free from purgatory from your inconvenience. Or the dying soul they can help, who has never known Christ. As Pope John Paul II would say, Thank you for loving me this…

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St. John Vianney on following Christ: "You cannot please both God and the world at the same time. They are utterly opposed to each other in their thoughts, their desires, and their actions" "I tell you that you have less to suffer in following the Cross than in serving the world and its pleasures." "If people would do for God what they do for the world, what a great number of Christians would go to Heaven."

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"You must accept your cross. If you carry it courageouslyit will carry you to heaven." - . John Vianney

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Actual recent photo of St. John Vianney's incorrupt body, entombed at the main altar in the Basilica of Ars, France. His body has not yet decayed 154+ years after his death in 1859. St. John Vianney's incorrupt body is a phenomenon unexplained by modern science even to this day. This miraculous phenomenon not only pertains to St. John Vianney, but to many other Catholic Saints. Learn more incorrupt Saints, Beatified & Venerables in Joan Carroll Cruz's wonderful book The Incorruptibles…

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