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John Travolta in ‘Grease’, 1978.

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John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, 1977 oh, the amount of my youth I spent watching this movie. Tony taught me how to dance.

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Grease (1978)

Everybody knows grease but although the movie came out in the 70's, it was based on the super popular musical from the 50's

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True Story: When I was little I really really wanted a pair of leather pants (because Sandy wore them). My mom finally gave in and bought me a pair for my birthday. They were skin tight, hotter than hell, and made walking a bitch. How Sandy did it I don't know... My mom makes fun of me for it every time I watch this movie.

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"I'm happy, and I think being happy keeps you looking young."—Olivia Newton-John | "There are unwanted emotions and pain that goes along with any birth."—John Travolta

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Saturday nut fever: Squirrel strikes John Travolta pose

Dancefloor icon: The original John Travolta strut, 'Saturday Night Fever', 1977. S)

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Grease (1978) Dir. Randal Kleiser. Sobre treintones haciéndola de adolescentes, amor juvenil, bullys y los Bee Gees.

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Ah, such memories...John Travolta as Danny in ‘Grease’, 1978. Preserve the memories of your era at #nostalgia

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