John C. Pemberton Pennsylvania USMA. Quickly promoted to LTG because of his friendship with Jefferson Davis, he was thoroughly out-generated by Grant at Vicksburg. Not trusted because of his Northern birth, he ended the war as a LTC.

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John Pemberton (Pharmacist)

Pemberton House: Home of Dr. John Smith Pemberton, creator of Coca-Cola. Columbus, Georgia- This where he created the formula, not Atlanta!

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Woman wearing stencilled starch resist adire wrapper, Ila-Orangun, Nigeria, 1974. Photo by John Pemberton 111 from Abiodun, Pemberton and Beier, "Cloth Only Wears to Shreds" (2004)

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Why,should we ban the Coca-Cola brand! It's,American Asshole Liberal!.Probably,before your Family even got here!

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Portrait of Lt. General John C. Pemberton, Confederate commander during the siege of Vicksburg, MS, on display in the General's headquarters

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Modem dialup by John Pemberton on SoundCloud

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