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Rep. John Mica Compares Washington D.C. Residents to 'Young Teenagers' (Video)

House GOP Establishment Didn’t Get The Message Of John Mica’s Defeat |

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GSA Hearings An Attempt To Label Obama 'Big Spender,' GOP Lawmaker Admits

WASHINGTON -- After Republican lawmakers sought to tie the White House to the General Services Administration scandal, Rep. John Mica (R) on Tuesday conceded that the repeated hearings on the subject are an attempt to "score political points," an admission he then retracted while holding they are part of an effort to label President Barack Obama "as a big spender." "Are you scoring political points?"

Representative John Mica (R-Fla.), head of the Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on government operations, told lawmakers assembled Tuesday for a hearing on private screeners that "one w...

Gov. Rick Scott saw firsthand the damage Hurricane Matthew did to parts of Flagler Beach when he toured the city Monday along with U.S. Rep John Mica and

Blue Biggs Jasper stone. Blue Biggs Jasper is a silicated volcanic ash. It was formed during a volcanic eruption and is part of a Miocene series of rocks called the John Day Formation, near Biggs, Oregon, USA. It is a decorative stone used for jewellery and trinkets.

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New Bill Could Cap Airline Checked Baggage Fees at $4.50

On Wednesday,Congressman John Mica (R-FL) introduced legislation into the House that would severely limit how much airlines can charge passengers for checking baggage on flights.

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GOP Lawmakers Target D.C.'s Effort To Decriminalize Marijuana

Rep John Mica's subcommittee will hold a hearing in May on DC's marijuana decrim law. The decrim bill passed by DC Council in Feb, signed by DC Mayor Gray late Mar. Before it can go into effect, Congress has 60 days to disapprove it. DC Del Eleanor Norton: 'It is inappropriate to hold a hearing on the local marijuana laws of only 1 jurisdiction - DC, when 18 states have decrimed pot, 21 states have legalized med MJ & 2 states have legalized it' (Photo - Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)