Source: National Portrait Gallery, London. holdthisphoto: Illustrator Erica Macdonald, 1947 by John Gay

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Two ravens perched on a bench at the Tower of London in front of the Waterloo block by John Gay

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Memories of collecting eggs from the chicken coop on Grandpa's farm. Children collecting eggs at Great Munden, Hertfordshire Photograph: John Gay/NMR Photographic Services/SDW

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A statue of a sleeping angel in Highgate Cemetery John Gay:Photographer Photographer: John Gay

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If Watson didn't love Sherlock I would think he was asexual... I mean, come on!!! Just look at those cheek bones and collar :)

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all hail king of the gays HE KISSED DAVID TENNANT AND CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON BLESS HIM!!!! And if saying "gay" three times really summons a gay men then I am going to keep saying it until J.B. and Anderson Cooper appear in my bedroom!

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Club Row Marke, looking south across the Bethnal Green Road towards Sclater Street. 1960s by John Gay

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"John Gay. : Actually this was in Dublin. What happened was a few foreign college students were messing around with the inflatable when one loosened the tie down ropes, another got trapped inside when it started rolling down the street. Took 2 hours to free the Spanish student from inside the deflated minion. They never charged Juan Vasquez for the incident. They stated it was a Juan in a Minion incident"

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