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John Barrowman in Legends of Tomorrow (my edit)

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Dana on

John Barrowman in a Padackles sandwich... I'm not envious at all!!! #JensenAckles #JaredPadalecki #spn

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Well, more specifically, John Barrowman has cake. I love this video. :D <<<< this can't get better

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In other news, John Barrowman has asked fans to stop gifting him chocolates or other sweets! ;) #DoctorWho

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Doctor Who: John Barrowman sings the Doctor Who theme. (gif) The fact that David does the beat makes it ten times better!!

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I laughed my butt off when he riffed on this! Barrowman is hilarious!!!

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(85) Twitter

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Exorcising Emily on

John Barrowman and Misha Collins. When i met John Barrowman at Comic Con, he did that exact same pose with me for our picture!! I almost died. Especially since it was his own doing

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