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Joel Rifkin was a quiet landscaper in NY. NYC, averaging 2K murders/yr., was unaware a serial killer was at work. He was caught in '93. While driving to dump his 17th vic, his license tag fell off and he was pulled over by passing police officer. The officer had no idea who he had apprehended or what he was about to find. The body had been decomposing in the trunk for 3 days. By nightfall, officials realized they'd caught the most prolific serial killer in NY history.

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Joel Rifkin Rifkin in court Background information Birth name Joel David Rifkin Also known as "Joel the Ripper" Born January 20, 1959 (age 53) New York Penalty 203 years to life Killings Number of victims 9-17+ Country US State(s) New York Date apprehended June 28, 1993

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Joel David Rifkin (born January 20, 1959) is an American serial killer convicted of the murder of nine women (although it is believed he killed as many as 17), mostly drug addicted prostitutes, between 1989 and 1993 in New York City. Also, he is suspected by some to be responsible for some of the Long Island Prostitute Murders whose remains were found in March and April 2011, as four of his victims' bodies were never found.

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Joel Rifkin of East Meadow, NY killed at least 17 women, mostly prostitutes in the NY area. He was caught driving a pickup with no license plates and a 3 day old corpse sitting next to him. Rifkin was sentenced to 203 2/3 years to life in Attica.

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