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Crazy Joe Gallo. Heard so many stories from family and it's true he had a lion in the basement


Albert Gallo aka Kid Blast, brother of Albert and Joe, Gallo became a captain in the Genovese family after he left the Colombo family.


Mob boss Joe Gallo (left) with his brother Larry Gallo in this 1961 picture. Joe was killed while celebrating his birthday in 1972.


Joe gallo consigliere gambino family under paul castellano

from The Huffington Post

Gangster Chic: Joey Gallo

Joseph 'Crazy Joe' Gallo was a Red Hook–born gangster specializing in typical 1950's and 1960's mafia activities such as extortion and racketeering. He was also flamboyant, charming, and well-read, and in the early 1970s he became kind of a celebrity, hanging out with writers, actors, and other New York scenesters.


1972, ‘Some' of the men responsible for the assassination of mobster Joseph ‘Crazy Joe' Gallo (UL) are in protective custody of the police, a high police source confirms 5/3. The source identified one man now in protective custody as Joseph Luparelli, believed to be a close associate of Joseph Yacovelli (UR), the acting head of the Joseph Colombo crime family. The source also said Luparelli identified the other alleged killers of Gallo as Philip Gambino (LR) said to be a distant relative of…


Joe Gallo became involved in the mob after becoming an enforcer and hit man for Joe Profaci in the Profaci crime family. Gallo was involved in the murder of Albert Anastasia, a hit arranged by Carlo Gambino in order to take his place. A few years later, Gallo attempted to kidnap the Profaci family for money and ended up succeeding. In 1961, Gallo was sentenced to 7 to 14 years in prison for conspiracy and extortion. After Gallo was released from prison and Colombo was murdered, members of…


Miss Peregrine (Eva Green), Photo by Leah Gallo


Crazy Joe Gallo, the thinking man's mobster