Jimin in hell he said XD

Jimin in hell he said XD

[BTS MEMES] : lmao is this to make up for his height ~ admin 호비 -

[BTS MEMES] : lmao is this to make up for his height ~ admin 호비 -<--- xD no stahp

Yoongi : Danger,danger

And said member was at the time still a teenager who probably actually now might be taller than you

Funny Kpop Stuff - bts-for-life: smol

Me when I'm having an argument with my tall friends (except I'm s lot shorter :P)

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww... *endlessly keeps going cause whenever I fangirl it's endless*

Golden Maknae Jungkook be like "you better believe I'mma get my Suga hyung in this photo!" Jungkook is so caring to his hyungs .

Honestly Jimin isn't really short. I'm only 165cm and he's still on a comfortable height where I could still wear heels and not feel awkward about it since he's still tall

compare yourself with Jimins height, so helpful!

But he's also wearing those tan brownish boots, which do make him taller so we are unsure how much taller he actually is

It was just yesterday when they were less muscular and singing their graduation song! He is just UNFF! >_< I really can't imagine me standing next to him cuz I'm short af