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It's time to unite & rise up against illusions of democracy, we are Americans, we shall not settle for any pretense. We must end oligarchy & empower ourselves. It is time to realize, we are the ones we've been waiting for. #TheTimeIsNow

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AND... JFK said, "though change is unsettling. Still, even in the turbulence of protest and struggle is greater hope for the future, as men learn to claim and achieve for themselves the rights formerly petitioned from others"

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Frank Sinatra was a big activist in the civil rights movement, refusing to stay at hotels that didn't allow "Blacks". Even using his mafia ties to help get labor unions behind JFK because he knew they shared the same opinions on equal rights.

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Robert-F.-Kennedys-Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-Assassination-Speech.jpg (564×803)

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Such a moving photograph. I like to think this is the moment Bobby Kennedy realized his obligation to justice, civil rights and social equality.

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JFK, Freedom Riders and the Civil Rights Movement Lesson Plan: covers the Freedom Riders' influence on the Kennedy Administration, the Birmingham Movement, and the March on Washington #ccss #civilrights

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Robert F. Kennedy speaking to a Civil Rights crowd in front of the Justice Department building, June 1963.

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