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City of San Diego

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Dual Jet Bath Spa

Take a long, relaxing soak in your very own hot tub. The Dual Jet Bath Spa turns any ordinary bath into a blissful and relaxing reprieve. Simply hang it over the edge of your tub and secure with the included suction cups. Flip a switch and the dual adjustable nozzles direct a soothing water flow to areas that need relief. A "burst of bubbles" feature and adjustable intensity completes the at-home spa experience. Adjustable to accommodate any size tub. - Easy to use and install- Plugs into…


Choice Potato Wedge Cutter - 8 Wedge French Fry Cutter


In situ solidification is most commonly performed through the addition of Portland cement alone, or in combination with other additives; blast furnace slag, cement kiln dust, flyash, bentonite, and activated carbon to name a few examples. Project objectives vary, but generally permeability reduction and strength increase are the most important.

Avensa purchased jet equipment in the form of a single Sud Caravelle jet.On August 13th 1964 the plane was bought by Avensa and registered YV-C-AVI and leased to VIASA/PIASA in June 1969 and returned to Avensa one year later. YV-C-AVI made a hard landing causing the undercarriage to fail. The aircraft was written off and scrapped soon after.