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"For One in such a lofty position to stoop so low is a marvel that is staggering. What sublime humility and humble sublimeness, that the Lord of the Universe, the Divine Son of God, should stoop as to hide Himself under the appearance of bread for our salvation!" - St. Francis of Assisi


On the eve of His crucifixion and hours before the agony of Gethsemane, Jesus observed a final Passover meal with His apostles. … Listen to Elder Dallin H. Oaks, an ordained Apostle and Special Witness of Christ in our day, as he bears his testimony concerning the importance of the sacrament of the Lord’s supper and how this sacred ordinance can bless our lives Learn more


LIFE OF CHRIST ART EXHIBIT: Church History website ( has online art exhibits about the life of Christ


What an incredible, somber moment between the Last Supper and Jesus' arrest. Mark 14:26 Can anyone read what song that line is from? ☺️. . . #Illustratedfaith #illustratedfaithdaily2016 #illustratedfaithcommunity #biblejournaling #journalingbible #illustration #watercolor #handlettered #handlettering #moderncalligraphy #uniballsigno #christiancreative #makersgonnamake #shepaintstruth #olives #olivebranch #mountofolives