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Cosplayers: Eevee - Becka Noel Jolteon - Jessica Nigri Vaporeon - Andy Rae Cosplay Flareon - Joanna Mari Cosplay Umbreon - Hooked On Phoenix Cosplay Espeon - Danielle Beaulieu Leafeon - Lyz Brickley Glaceon- Caroline Dawe Art & Cosplay Sylveon - Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay


On est tous d'accord pour dire que son Cosplay est dingue ?! // Jessica Nigri Has Fun With Some Female Deadpool Cosplay


Disney Princess Battle Armor Cosplay

We've got an awesome collection of photos for you to check out today featuring several Disney princess cosplayers wearing battle armor! The photos come from The Will Box, and they were taken at the Anime Revolution in Vancouver. This is a really cool set of costumes that were created. Excellent job! Photo of Jessica Nigri as Battle Armor Elsa vs. Sub Zero Photo of Caroline Dawe as Battle Armor Arielle Photo of Vivid Visions as Battle Armor Anna Photo of Megan Langan as Battle Armor…


miyazaki-ru on

San, Princess Mononoke. Not quite true to the film timeline, but still looks pretty good.