Jessica Lange and Meryl Streep at the 55th Academy Awards, 1983.

Jessica Lange & Meryl Streep with Oscars for Tootsie & Sophie's Choice

Jessica Lange - She could play a rich, refined heiress or a farmer's wife about to lose their farm....and she was always good!

Jessica Lange - American actress of Finnish origin. She worked in film, theater and TV. Photo by George Hurrell

Hoffman & Lange in Tootsie ... Jessica Lange in such an amazing beauty and talent!!! -Hk

Dustin Hoffman & Jessica Lange in "Tootsie" Jessica Lange - Best Supporting Actress Oscar 1982

Jessica Phyllis Lange (born April 20, 1949) is an American actress.

Jessica Lange - Great actress, especially in American Horror Story. She is one of the very pretty older ladies I love.

Jessica Lange When She Was Young | Jessica Lange in "Tootsie." She won a best supporting actress Oscar ...

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2/04/2014 10:03pm The Academy Awards Ceremony 1983:: Best Supporting Actress Oscar Jessica Lange for "Tootsie" 1982.

The Academy Awards Ceremony Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Jessica Lange for "Tootsie"

Jessica Lange in Tootsie (1982)

It’s one of the most easy-breezy-relaxed performances ever. She’s light as a feather. Watch it next time it’s on and watch her body - you’ll be stunned. She has all the set-up lines but she's delivers them perfectly.

Jessica Lange Jessica Lange made her Hollywood debut as the blonde beauty along with her big hairy beast of a co-star in the 1976 remake of King Kong. She was a former model that went on to become an award-winning actress. Lange also co-starred with Dustin Hoffman in the critically acclaimed film Tootsie.

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