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John Deere vibrating corn teether - Oh my! I was looking up vibrating teethers and found this along my search. Hilarious!


Happy Birthday, Jennifer Connelly! A Salute to Her Famous Arches—And More of the Best Brows of All Time

If it’s true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the brows may be a map of the psyche. Here, shows you the best arches throughout history.


The Most Epic Sets Of Brows, Ever

The Most Epic Sets Of Brows, Ever #refinery29 The Straight Shot Jennifer Connelly is so impossibly lovely (and only seems to get more beautiful every year) that it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes her so alluring. But, if we had to choose, we'd say that it's her thick, straight, dark brows that make her beauty so enduring.