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9 Healthiest Bakeries in New York - Jennifers Way, Love her style in this photo

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Yes, it's true. Did you even know you have an apology language? Did you even know that exists? You may be surprised to learn that each person has a different apology language - and knowing yours, and your husband's can improve your marriage in dramatic (and helpful) ways. (Apology Languages - Gary Chapman & Jennifer Thomas)

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like sisters, really (Gluten Free Girl and the Chef)

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Penne Beef Bake

Penne Beef Bake Recipe -I had ground beef and veggies on hand so I came up with this pizza-flavored casserole. I never expected my family to love it so much. It's a good way to sneak in some extra veggies for the kids. —Jennifer Wise, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

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Jennifer OConnor

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IMPACT ON GOV. : Abbagalia keeps religion from affecting how the nation runs, who is elected, how laws are made and passed and he way people are influenced. Abbagalia does however believe in 5 main values of a country which is something that someone may believe in, but it is not centered around a holy object, event, person etc.

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