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Jen Psaki

'There it is!' Megyn Kelly leaves Jen Psaki dumbfounded in Perry Mason moment

State Dept's Jen Psaki grilled on Iraq, Ukraine - baffled by questions o...


Newly revealed State Department emails from last spring show the agency worked with officials at the White House to push back on stories about Hillary Clinton's email server. Jen Psaki, a former State Department spokesperson who went on to serve as White House communications director, called the email controversy a swirl of crap. The 17 pages of records, obtained by the Republican National Committee through one of several Freedom of Information Act lawsuits, sheds light on the…

9-30-14 appearance on Tuesday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki to react to a report that President Barack Obama missed up to 60 percent of his intelligence briefings.


▶US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki has been caught on a hot mic calling one of her prepared statements about the acquittal of Egypt’s ex-leader Hosni Mubarak “ridiculous.”

Jen Psaki: Traitor. American Citizens do not have any rights when wanted by the govt. Believes whole heartedly that Barak Obama has the right to order an invasion without the consent of Congress. Has this BITCH read the Constitution???

Megan Kelly grills Jen Psaki over Bergdahl Prisoner Swap. She says, "It was absolutely worth it." Hmmm how about, your boss looks like a total ass right now? I'd love it if one of these gals broke character and said that. Really. How could anybody with a conscience work for this administration?


#NTB: Megyn Kelly Leaves Jen Psaki Dumbfounded ➡ Epic Video


In an interview this evening on Fox News, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki would not promise that Americans would get to see the details of a nuclear deal with Iran before it’s ‘signed, sealed, delivered.’ … Read More


Megyn Kelly Grills Jen Psaki After Yemeni Rebels Take Over Government And Chant 'Death To America'