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White House photographer shares his favorite images of 2016

Obama crawls around the Oval Office with Communications Director Jen Psaki's daughter. According to Souza, the president often asked staff members to bring their kids to the White House


‘There it is!’ Megyn Kelly leaves Jen Psaki dumbfounded in Perry Mason moment

Emails: Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki knew Treasury edited GM press releases

Jen Psaki Still In Denial Over Operation Protective Edge – Watch as military genius Jen Psaki disputes General Dempsey's description of Operation Protective Edge

Jen Psaki DENIES State Dept. ordered Marines to disarm in Yemen evacuation but has NO IDEA WHO DID? ~ I doubt Jen Psaki even knows the location of Yemen


Megyn to State Dept: Why Was Embassy Evacuation So Hasty? Megyn Kelly got heated Thursday night during an interview with State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki over what appeared to be an abrupt evacuation of the US Embassy in Yemen yesterday as Houthi rebels attempted to seize American vehicles and arms. Kelly continued to grill her about previous statements President Barack Obama has made holding up that country as a positive example of progress in the Middle East.