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#Staatsfeind Nr. 1: Die Wahrheit ist das erste Opfer des Krieges und der größte Feind eines totalitären Regimes. Die Massenmedien dienen dabei als Marionetten zur Verbreitung von Propaganda —


Warwick Bethel: This is the view that many of the Bethelites have from their rooms. The residence complexes (above) overlook the Sterling Forest and Blue Lake (below). Visit today and book a spiritually refreshing trip you'll never forget!


Minions driving - despicable me----> follow stephany medina :>

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INFOGRAPHIC: A Huge Map Of The World's Religions

It's crazy to see how many different religions there are and makes me think people are so narrow minded to think "their" religion is for sure the "real" one. Practice what you believe and don't judge everyone else because they don't think like you.


“Onward”. A young man looks out onto a rainy day as the bus he is on makes its long journey from Kunming to Shenzhen. Location: Yunnan province, China. (Photo and caption by A. Kwan/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

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Beautifully Simplistic Animal Logos by Tom Anders Watkins

Simple and Effective Logo Design by José


Matthew 4:10 - If we say that the ONLY one we believe in is Jesus, we are making a mistake. Note Jesus' own words. We must take in knowledge of TWO, not one. See John 17:3. (Jehovah and his Son)

Our family prepared these post-its with printed Bible Teach and Tracts covers. We shared them with our brothers and sisters at a gathering. Photo shared by @russrica


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On This Date, Jehovah's Witnesses Made Yankee Stadium History- August 3, 1958 convention total 123,707 in attendance.