Art Question: Must art be made by the hand of the artist? Why/Why not?

Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons - Balloon dog, stainless steel with mirror finish. Viewing Koon's large scale balloon pieces in person it is hard to believe that they aren't made from balloons - tromp-l'oeil at it's best.

Jeff Koons Balloons | Little Gatherer Find more about here: #studyincolour

Super cool balloon animal sculptures, though not sure how that would go in my project.

Tulips by Jeff Koons | Luxury Interiors, luxury furniture, designer furniture, high end furniture, home design,  For more inspirations:

Jeff Koons: ordinary or extraordinary?

Tulips sculpture/installation by Jeff Koons, High-chromium stainless steel with transparent colour coating, 203 x 460 x 520 cm

Contemporary Art by Jeff Koons at the MET 2009 #covetlounge @covetlounge

Jeff Koons: ordinary or extraordinary?

dog art: Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog - on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art,

art & exhibits & installations - Sacred Heart - Jeff Koons

Sacred Heart, Jeff Koons Koons has made a simple sculpture because of its reflective surface it makes it more interesting to look at, along with the restled top it makes this seem like a chocolate heart in its wrapper.

Jeff Koons Exhibition @ Fondation Beyeler

From my Fancy boards - Jeff Koons Exhibition @ Fondation Beyeler