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JEALOUS FRIEND| Quotes Thoughts by #ReTinaTheLifeologist @ReIgniteALife LIKE. SHARE. FOLLOW.

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Trent Shelton trentshelton

Some people take every bit of your happiness as a personal attack on what they are lacking. Don't hide your happiness- stop hanging around jealous people.

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This is not true,well for me anyways !!! My heart is so happy when my friends and family come up and catch a break!!! I don't want to be around anyone who would be jealous or aggravated at our success.

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OMGosh! How true is this! I tried once to be friends with a girl like this but it just doesn't work out no matter how nice you are.

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Quote A friend who has turned into an enemy has hated you all along. Envy and jealousy are the biggest cause of friendship failure.

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I’ve always said that you need to beware of the girl who says that she doesn’t get along with other women. That woman who says that other women backstab her and are all vicious to her. Have you ever heard the parable of the man who said that he came from a city filled with horrible people? The philosopher he meets tells him that in the next city he travels to he will also find a city filled with bad people, essentially because of the law of attraction.

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