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A Stolen Life: A Memoir: Jaycee Dugard: 9781451629194: Books

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Jaycee Dugard Says She’s Open to Finding Love and Having a Relationship One Day

Jaycee Dugard says she feels "totally capable of having a relationship one day"

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These are the top 10 books Americans tried to ban last year

[ew_image url=" credit="" align="left"]I picked up Jaycee Dugard’s A Stolen Life with real reluctance -- I’m a parent, and the thought that something like this happens to children fills me with horror. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear about her experience.

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..Jaycee Dugard tells the story of her first experiences after years in captivity: the joys that accompanied her newfound freedom and the challenges of adjusting to life on her own...Biography

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Jaycee Dugard Part 1: Recalling the Day She Was Kidnapped

Jaycee Dugard, now 36, was 11 years old and in the 5th grade when she was kidnapped on June 10, 1991.

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Jaycee Dugard Tells PEOPLE: 'I've Been Through the Worst Kind of Hell Already – and Survived' 7 Years After Being Freed

It's been seven years since kidnapping victim Jaycee Dugard was freed after enduring 18 years in captivity. In next week's issue of PEOPLE, Dugard – who was 11 when she was kidnapped in 1991 – shares an exclusive excerpt from her second memoir, Freedom: My Book of Firsts, and opens up about

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Jaycee Dugard - "I don't believe in hate. To me it wastes too much time. People who hate waste so...". inspirational

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Freedom: My Book of Firsts: Jaycee Dugard: 9781501147623: Books

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#6 In a follow-up to "A Stolen Life," Dugard, who was kidnapped as a child and held for 18 years, describes her adjustment to a new life.

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One of those novels that kept me up at night. Because it is about an event that occurs far too often in today's society. A book for parents to read as well.

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A Stolen Life: A Memoir: Jaycee Dugard: 9781451629194: Books

Jaycee Dugard can’t sue government for kidnapping

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