Just listened to the Fresh Air interview w/ Jay-Z. So informative and inspiring. It's amazing what he's become. So I must PRESS ON. I can't stay down, and more often than not, I've gotta be smart as fuck. Hustle.

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"I Got 99 Problems but the Bit@# Ain't One" - Jay-Z. My Fav song to workout to right now...

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"Hip-hop has always been controversial...people don't bother trying to get it. The problem isn't in the rap or the rapper or the culture. The problem is that so many people don't even know how to listen to the music."

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Jay-Z talks Decoded, his book, saying it's a story about a bunch of people who grew up during a specific time period, a generation. Jay-Z expressed that the book is so much more than a lyrical key. He goes in about the tug-a-war he faced between rap and the streets and credits his move to pursue Rap as possibly being one reason he is not in jail or dead. Before the interview begins, footage is shown that features quite a few of Jay-Z's songs.| Jay-Z on Charlie Rose (official video)

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