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JASON MOMA (Doesn't speak English) but played in The Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo. Also played in Batman vs Superman, Conan-the Barbarian, Road to Paloma, Baywatch-Hawaiian Wedding, Bullet to the Head.

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Which Greek Goddess Are You?

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I used to think this guy was hot when he was on Baywatch Hawaii! I do not claim to own the image or content being pinned, nor did I create the content contained in the image. This pin is to save the original link for future inspirational use.

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The United States of Sexy

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Jason Momoa - not my usual type but think I can make an exception...

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Manu Bennett & Jason. wow, wish that I could have been there to see this. ;(penny)

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Jason Momoa

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Current mood. Missing Ella and my babies Papa is home soon

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OmG New behind the scenes images of Aquaman in Justice League Damn he looks so badass I can't wait _ _ صور جايسون موموا بدور اكوامان من خلف كواليس فيلم جستس ليغ واخر صوره مشهد من الفيلم نزله زاك اكيد قام يشتغل على لتريلر

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Jason Moma <3

JUSTICE LEAGUE: New Official Image Of Jason Momoa As AQUAMAN Revealed Via ARGUS Website

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Jason Momoa, I think I need to start pining him to my obsession board.. Its getting bad!!

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A New Image Of Jason Moma’s Aquaman Surfaces