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i thought they were talking about jar jar's demons but now i realize that jar jar is their demon

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I just had the strangest reaction to the so you do martial arts thing yet I ran into a friend i hadn't seen for a while so we're talking so your still doing the tkd, yeah testing for green belt next weekend Hey you know what you should do pole dancing! those girls are really fit Wtf i thought right give up a sport where i kick arse to have creepers stick sweaty 5 dollar notes in my undies Sure! Right! sounds great!

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The Most Annoying TV and Film Characters Ever

You know them. You hate them. Honestly, I don't even know why these characters exist. Did someone think they were funny? Maybe adorable? Seriously? Like fingernails on a ...

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The Marble Jar Allowance System: Behavior and Responsibility Reward Jar - It's A Fabulous Life

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This guy has an amazing collection with very rare Ball jars! Mason's Ball Jar Collection

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Ginger Jar in Ming 8x10 print - as seen in Martha Stewart Living April Edition

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