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Lithuania Tattoo Artist Martynas Šnioka (Love the idea of famous paintings in circles)

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Small Tattoos on Twitter: "Japanese style wave tattoo on the wrist ..." --- I would like the on my ankle

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Japanese style wave tattoo on the wrist/forearm.

Hokusai Wave Tattoo Design by Gery

60 of the Best Wave Tattoos You'll Ever See

Impressive wave tattoo on the arm. The wave is standing upright and is drawn in amazing detail with the bluish background. The wave is drawn as being tall and commanding above the seas.



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this will be my next tattoo. i'm also going to put the tomodachi (friend) symbol in it. it will be my JAPAN tattoo, and since operation tomodachi was such a big and meaniful thing while i was in japan.

Waves On Japan

Japanese wave tattoo, love it

based on painting "Great Wave off Kanagawa"

‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ tattoo by Pablo Díaz Gordoa.

Japanese Ocean Cushion

Japanese Ocean Cushion

Are you interested in our Japanese style cushion? With our Japanese cushion you need look no further.

Vague - Le haut des vagues se casse en formant des pointes pour une certaine agressivité.

"The Great Wave" outline. i want it as a tattoo tatuajes

"On honey, it's just a wave.. but I know that when it comes I just hold on, until it's gone."

Nautical wave heart tattoo by Megan massacre