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Japanese Warrior Names

Yumi (弓?) is the Japanese term for bows, and includes the longer daikyū (大弓?) and the shorter hankyū (半弓?) used in the practice of kyūdō, or Japanese archery. The yumi was an important weapon of the samurai warrior during the feudal period of Japan Yumi is also a Japanese name

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..TAKESHI (武): Japanese name meaning "fierce, violent," hence "warrior." Guess that a perfect name for him

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Sanada Yukimura (真田 幸村?, 1567 – June 3, 1615), actual name: Sanada Nobushige (真田 信繁?), was a Japanese samurai warrior of the Sengoku period. He was especially known as the leading general on the defending side of the Siege of Osaka. Yukimura was called "A Hero who may appear once in a hundred years", "Crimson Demon of War" and "The Last Sengoku Hero." The famed veteran of the invasion of Korea, Shimazu Tadatsune, called him the "Number one warrior in Japan"

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Life and death in the name of honor: the samurai The Japanese Samurai were undoubtedly one of the greatest fighters in modern history. Their caste, that of warriors, was one of two classes of ' Japanese aristocracy . Their name is considered as deriving from the verb " saburau " which literally means "one who serves " . Another term by which the samurai were defined was bushi, from " bu "which means martial and" shi ", the union of the lower horizontal section showing the number 1 and the…

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Yasuke African Samurai of the Japanese Warlord Nobunaga Oda. Yasuke (彌介) (c. 1556-?) is a Japanese name used to refer to a black (African) retainer who for a short time was in the service of the Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga.

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Benzaiten (弁才天, 弁財天) is the Japanese name for the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Worship of Benzaiten arrived in Japan during the 6th through 8th centuries. Benzaiten is the Goddess of everything that flows: Water, Words, Speech, Eloquence, Music and by extension, Knowledge. The original characters used to write her name read "Biancaitian" in Chinese and "Bensaiten" in Japanese (辯才天) and reflect her role as the Goddess of Eloquence.

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Have you ever seen real samurai swords? They are reallly really cool and beautiful! Katana or nihonto (Japanese name of samurai sword), is known throughout the world for its beauty and sharpness. You can see the artistically decorated scabbard, and also the wave pattern of the blade called hamon, which are the characteristics of katana.

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