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Demon Mask Japanese Oni (Antique White Finish)

Oni Mask in Antique White Finish by FAUSTandCOMPANY on Etsy, $165.00


Uncle Oni Mask 303 - Blue Japanese Noh Style Fiberglass Art Mask Costume

Uncle Oni Mask 303 Blue Japanese Noh Style by TheDarkMask on Etsy


Couple with traditional Devil, or Oni-masks. Devil masks serve two purposes; the first, to portray the devil and create disasters or cause the plague, and conversely they are used to ward off evil spirits (As Fierce God Style). Used in Noh, Kabuki, and in celebration. Often handed down from generation to generation. There are variations on the devil mask, a well known one being the Hannya (般若) mask of Noh theater, representing a jealous female demon or serpent.