[K]netizone: [Instiz] Japanese makeup style that is trending

Similar to how I do my blush. I think putting blush in this area gives more of a youthful, sweet look

minimalist nail design

Simple Cute and Gentle Blush-Focused Daily Makeup - Japanese

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3 “được” và 2 “mất” khi nâng mũi S-line bằng sụn sườn non

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今年は濃い色のリップで冒険すべき! イエロー肌×明るい茶の瞳の人に似合う「冒険リップ」は

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10 Eye Makeup Secrets By Female Celebrities With Small Eyes

Non Western Makeup: Kabuki Makeup

traditional Chinese opera makeup = adapt the same concept, clean lines, and shading for fantasy makeup in different color