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Hamster bread. Dang, this is so cute! Japanese desserts are always so beautiful and nicely made.

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coolthingoftheday: “ Adorable Japanese hamster bread. (Source) ” Edit: My bad, I didn’t read the article closely enough. These are actually clay figurines, not bread!

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Japanese Hamster Bread.

Japanese+Hamster+Bread. Freaky , fun and amazingly intricate design for food, so cute I would feel a little mean and creepy eating it

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hamster bread… the latest bread craze in japan be honest, would you eat these cute little hamsters? no, they’re not real hamsters, but they sure do a good job of making them look a little too realistic!

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You Can’t Handle A Hamster In A Pokemon Plush Sleeping Bag

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When They Are Not Flying About The Evergreen Forest, Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels Have Been Known To Be Kept As Pets

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