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This Minimalistic Japanese Hair Salon Goes Back to the Basics

This Minimalistic Japanese Hair Salon Goes Back to the Basics: Designed by Sohei Arao of Japanese design imprint SIDES CORE, equip hair salon is a beautifully minimalistic space inspired by the owner's experiences...

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Japanese architects 'Maker' - Hair Very Salon - I mentioned these in my group crit today-- an alternative to the frosted acrylic I was planning for my concept model. A combination of gauze and wood. Interesting consideration of the relationship of ceiling to material and material to floor.

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IRO by Reiichi Ikeda, an interior design for a hair salon in Osaka. The bare concrete floor and exposed ceiling make the shop seem unfinished

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Vinyl’s Mix hair salon by SIDES CORE, Japan. Japanese design collective SIDES CORE has developed a renovation plan to reconfigure an existing hair studio. The ‘Vinyl’s Mix hair salon’ transforms the existing layout into a workshop that exercises user and spatial modification. Based off the idea of a bookstore, the space serves as an avenue for promoting discussion, influenced by traditional barbershops.

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How to Take Care of Hair that Has Been Japanese Hair Straightened

What Is a Derby Cover?. A derby cover is a metal plate, usually made out of sheet steel, used to cover the clutch of motorcycles. Its main utility is to protect the workings of the clutch from possibly harmful dust and other possible contaminates.

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