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A helpful guide to some of the most common Japanese food terms found on restaurant menus, so you know what to expect next time you order! | chopstickchronicles #Japan #Food_Terms

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Decoding Japanese food, what do the prefixes and suffixes mean? -- Japan, Japanese, food, tradition, language, customs, eating, descriptions

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Squee With Delight at These Bouncing Sushi GIFs

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MAMEZUSHI aka MAIKOZUSHI ~~~ mamezushi means small sushi bean and are named such due to the small and spherical shape (approx half-sized bites). sometimes they are called maikozushi to reflect the the district's many maiko residents (apprentice geisha). the above image's presentation is shared with us courtesy of, "restaurant mametora" in kyoto, japan. [rocketnews24] [Japan, Kyoto Modern] [plating inspiration, image only]

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Minions Bento

Sending some Baymax ❤️ this morning! How is your weekend looking? I'm working today ! So sharing a happier latergram posting of this impromptu bento workshop that I did for @chocolatemuimui. We met up again and instead of a makan session, she requested to make bento. So I guided her to make this super easy and cute Baymax bento! Only took us 30mins! Can you tell who made which one? Heh tap to find out!

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Quero: forminha para fazer arroz de gatinho

Named after my childhood home in Michigan, my personal blog covers mori girl, dark mori, historic fashion, pinups, lolita and everything else that makes up who I am. Here I will post what inspires me,...

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Wagashi come in an astounding variety of shapes and styles, and are variously classified according to the cooking method used, such as steaming or baking, or by their water content, namely the uncooked and very moist namagashi or omogashi, the less moist han-namagashi, and dry higashi sugar candies.

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"Konpeito" is a Japanese candy whose name is derived from the Portuguese word "confeito" which is a kind of sugar candy. Portugal is my country!

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Matching the name with the seafood. "Sushi Sushi Sushi! Gluten Free and Oh So Good. Add some crunch with a side of Flatbreads only from Absolutely Gluten Free. #Absolutelygf #Glutenfree #Sushi"

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