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Japanese doughnuts... SO CUTE!!! I love the pig the chicken and the dog one!!!!! -

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Make Okinawan Dangos

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CUTE ALERT: Check Out These Japanese Animal Donuts

Look at these cuuuuuttteeeeeee animal-shaped donuts from Floresta in Kawasaki, Japan! There's everything from ducklings to bees to frogs. AHH!   I would be too sad to eat these, probably. Which one is your favorite? (source:

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Oh My Gosh, Japan's Animal Donuts Are Too Cute

Doubutsu doonatsu”, or animal donuts, are available in two shops, called “Animal Doughnut Ikumimama” and “Floresta”, with the latter starting this trend when a customer asked for these animal donuts. Description from I searched for this on

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