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This picture shows several different elements of design. Color and pattern are the most obvious, there are many bright shades and the picture is obviously a bunch of umbrellas. Lines are also incorporated in this picture, and the overlapping of the objects adds a little depth as well.

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Have you ever seen real samurai swords? They are reallly really cool and beautiful! Katana or nihonto (Japanese name of samurai sword), is known throughout the world for its beauty and sharpness. You can see the artistically decorated scabbard, and also the wave pattern of the blade called hamon, which are the characteristics of katana.

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Utagawa Hiroshige, Hota Coast in Awa Province, (Fuji sanjū rokkei - 36 Views of Mt Fuji, no. 36), 1858

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This is a good project that shows characterized wave forms. It has different repeated elements that come together to create a composition. The shadows cast gives it a good sense of depth.

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