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Compact and stylish designs are available for high-traffic washrooms.

You will find soft and absorbent facial tissues at Ameripak in varied styles.

Essential items to ensure highly organized and productive office break rooms.

Recommended for warehouses, shops, and garages to quickly absorb liquid spills.

An antibacterial and dermatologist-tested formula to clean off dirt and germs from hands.

Sweep your office or home environment clean with our range of brooms, brushes, and dust pans.

The best selection of affordable, stylish, and functional trash cans for indoor or outdoor use.

Suitable for rough scrubbing to fine dusting. They have immense strength, and are capable of cleaning rough metallic

An economical way to keep tools, equipment, and work surfaces free from dirt, oils, lubricants, paints, grease, inks

They are the most cost-effective solution available at Ameripak for hand drying. Hard wound, C-fold, multi-fold center