Jane the Virgin Just binge watched season 3 and I'm freaking out! Total cliffhanger per the norm

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Gotta be honest, might not even have seen all of Michael saying his vows in Spanish because the tears got in the way. | 17 Times "Jane The Virgin" Made You Feel All The Things

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TVShow Time - Jane the Virgin S02E14 - Chapter Thirty-Six Petra: if there is a 50% chance I am going to die (by taking the pain killers) then I'll take it

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When he had to face his fears. | 23 Of Rogelio's Most Hilarious Quotes On "Jane The Virgin". I love Rogelio. Jaime Camille

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And making light of their roles in Jane the Virgin. | Rafael And Michael From "Jane The Virgin" Have The Cutest Bromance In Real Life

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