Gennaro's Classic Spaghetti Carbonara - Creamy, smoky & indulgent.  "Done properly, it's a thing of beauty." Jamie Oliver

Gennaro's classic spaghetti carbonara

I need to try this recipe! Jamie Oliver - Spaghetti Carbonara "You don't need many ingredients to make a fantastic carbonara and, done properly, it's a thing of beauty.

Courgette Carbonara | Pasta Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

Beautiful courgette carbonara

Chorizo Carbonara | Pasta Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

Chorizo carbonara

Chorizo carbonara with catalan market salad (Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals) - approx 600 calories per portion

Creamy Carbonara with Smoky Bacon | Pasta Recipes | Jamie Oliver

Skinny carbonara

.Gennaro's classic spaghetti carbonara I just,sauté onions,the add ham or bacon that has been rendered. then add half and half or cream and gently heat add warm spagetti and stir add more cream gradually to coat and  add parmesan cheese to coat stir and turn off burner and cover. You can add peas,mushrooms already cooked, few red pepper flakes etc.

Gennaro's classic spaghetti carbonara

Classic spaghetti carbonara : 3 large free-range egg yolks 40 g Parmesan cheese , plus extra to serve sea salt freshly ground black pepper 1 x piece of higher-welfare pancetta spaghetti 1 clove of garlic peeled, extra virgin olive oil

This is Jamie Oliver's twist on a classic American pumpkin pie recipe which uses butternut squash instead; still just as delicious but more accessible.

Pumpkin pie

Our crunchy garlic chicken is beautifully crispy, tender and delicious; the same technique can be used with pork, cod and more for a warm golden finish.

Chorizo carbonara with catalan market salad | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK) -

Chorizo carbonara

Tuck into Jamie Oliver& 15 minute meal - Chorizo carbonara with Catalan market salad.

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Jamie Oliver - Jamie Oliver: Rezepte von Apfelkuchen bis Zucchini-Carbonara

Sage words: herb expert Jekka McVicar on helping Jamie Oliver to plant a herb garden

Mackerel Carbonara 100egg,50milk,50cheese,120oil,160 fish 160cheese zuchin==660 +400pasta 1000

Carbonara of smoked mackerel

This smoked mackerel pasta recipe is a great mid week treat; delicious smoked mackerel in a creamy carbonara sauce topped with parmesan;

Christmas dinner wouldn't be complete without the perfect stuffing, and this recipe for mixed mushroom stuffing from Jamie Oliver is a great contender.

Mixed mushroom stuffing