James Sirius - hp next gen

James Sirius - hp next gen << I like it except that Lily would be the best at Quidditch and he has to be taller than her

Minerva McGonagall meets James Sirius Potter<--- I can't stop laughing!!!

Minerva McGonagall meets James Sirius Potter<<< I love this but I'm sorry eleven/twelve year olds do NOT look like that like he looks like he's six<<< true

And then you see Severus in the background throwing a party and every so often pointing and laughing at James, Sirius, and Remus

Probably that happened. But, I really think that he have to gave to is son a name like 'Remus Sirius Potter' is just my opinion

James Sirius, Albus Severus, Lily Luna Potter.

Imma just go cry at this, which would have been these three if they were friends. *cries* Previous pinner: in this picture: James Sirius Potter = James Potter Albus Severus Potter = Severus Snape Lily Luna Potter = Lily Evans

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