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James Moran

James Moran & Co.'s Romeo fine cut chewing tobacco ad from 1874.

James Moran, Asshole of the Day for April 4, 2014 by TeaPartyCat (Follow @TeaPartyCat) People criticize us for featuring so many Republicans on this site. I don’t think that’s fair— we do criticize Republicans more than Democrats, but if you look at what we’re criticizing them for, it’s often because they say horrible, offensive things about gays, women, rape, or the poor. And racism of course. We really don’t like racism. The sorts of things Democrats ...


Details about Wall Art Vintage James Moran Indian Girl Chewing Tabacco Print 1874 11x14


That dollar amount DOES NOT include all the perks, parties, transportation, clothing and other incentives that man gets !!!! He DO NOT even need to be paid that much. Wake up America you are paying for them to party and lie; they DO NOT work on your behalf.