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Teaching African-American History Month: James Beckwourth - Discovered Beckwourth Pass through Sierras to California.


Jim Beckwourth was an African American who played a major role in the early exploration and settlement of the American West. Although there were people of many races and nationalities on the frontier, Beckwourth was the only African American who recorded his life story, and his adventures took him from the everglades of Florida to the Pacific Ocean and from southern Canada to northern Mexico.


Legendary Pioneer James Beckwourth

Trappers, Mountain men and Indian chiefs. A lot of "Jims" and not a smiling face among them. Big Bull, Blackfoot tribe Quanah Parker Kit Carson Jim Bridger Jim Baker Jim Beckwourth


Details about James Pierson Beckwourth Half Plate Daguerreotype African American, Freed Slave


James Beckwourth had a life filled with adventure, drama, loss, and regret. Born to parents who were a black slave woman and her owner, Beckwourth was emancipated and headed out into the American West to make his fortune. Once there, Beckwourth met legendary mountain men, fought and was befriended by Native Americans, involved himself in warfare, and hunted buffalo.


James-Beckwourth- he trail blazed off the plantation and headed to the American West, into the Rocky Mountains, where he arrived as a fur trapper and, later, became an adopted member of the Crow Indians