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The ultimate travel guide to things to do in Jamaica. All the events, festivals and activities happening in Jamaica.

60+ Things to Do in Jamaica

Continued- yet some of the commercialized aspects of their culture might draw in everything a black family might want to avoid.like white foreign potheads who want to get high with them.

Jamaican peanut porridge - vegan and gluten free

Jamaican peanut porridge (Vegan and gluten free)

Creamy Jamaican peanut porridge made with coconut milk (vegan style) I have another heart warming recipe for you guys to help you through these cold days.

After living in Jamaica, this Wray & Nephrew overproof rum is a requirement for my home.

How to (Really) Drink Rum

Wray&Nephew Overproof rum: The only rum in the world that will put hair on your chest its so strong.

Proud of my African roots ♡   #Afican #PuertoRican #PuertoRico

Your naked body should belong only to those madly in love with your naked soul.

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Making rasta cupcakes tomorrow, but cupcakes will be the reverse.red/yllw/grn cake with chocolate icing food

Dutchie! Not a Jamaican household if you don't have at least one!

Dutchie - cast iron cooking pot - great for browning meat, etc.no self respecting Caribbean cook is without one

The National Fruit – The Ackee (Blighia sapida)

The National Fruit – The Ackee (Blighia sapida) Goes well with cod fish and fry dumpling and bread fruit.

Jamaican Apples -just bought at the market: ...with notes extracted from our facebook fan page at facebook.com/myislandjamaica   Beverley: delicious  Lorna Moore: yummy..could bit into them right

This is Jamaican Apple - it taste much better than the apples here in the US - no joke. It's sweeter, softer to bite - it's just yummy.

Jamaican Girls Are Cool

Jamaican Girls Are Cool - Romance - Nigeria