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How they train – Jade Lally... The Commonwealth discus bronze medallist spoke to AW about her throwing and indoor sessions.

A Jade Notched Disc (Yabi) Late Neolithic Period/Shang Dynasty, circa 2000–1500 B.C. Diameter: 4 1/4 inches (10.8 cm) Courtesy of #AsiaWeekNY 2016 dealer J. J. Lally & Co.

Bronze Ritual Vessel (Gong). China, Shang Dynasty, circa 1200 B.C. Height: 10 5/8 inches (27 cm); Length: 11 3/4 inches (30.1 cm).


Jade Lally, Commonwealth Games Discus medallist. Picture by Ian Stratton

Jade Lally 2 – British Elite Discus Thrower ‹