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The Queen of Versailles (2012)

The Queen of Versailles - there's got to be a couple of docs in my top movie list and this is one of my current favorites. Is there a more perfect expression of the recent economic down turn than this movie? You go from despising them, to loving them, to feeling sorry for them and back again. Way more complicated and nuanced than you first think its going to be.


Inside what would be the biggest house in America. David and Jackie Siegel's 90,000-square-foot Florida dream house spins a cautionary tale in recession economics. Click picture to read attachment article.


Documentary about billionaire David Siegel and his whife Jackie Siegel. They have built the largest home in America, the house was inspired of the castle in Versailles.

The Whole-Brain Child Workbook: Practical Exercises, Worksheets and Activities to Nurture Developing Minds by Daniel J. Siegel


Daughter, 18, of Queen Of Versailles stars found dead

'If I have my way, it's going to be bigger,' Jackie Siegel said in a recent interview. Pictured above outside the shell of the home in July 2012