Jack Elam...November 13, 1920 - October 20, 2003. I once loved to hate this face. Then I grew to love it as my favorite Western Villain.

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Jack Elam - Worked with him on "BIG BAD JOHN" in 1999. We were at Ryder's Sound Shooting ADR and later mixing the show and he and Jimmy Dean where there watching the process. Was very nice to meet him as I'm a Huge Western fan and grew up watching him in the movies as a kid!

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Jack Elam was exempt from WWII due to a childhood injury where he lost sight in his left eye. Wanting to do his part he worked as a civilian for the Navy in Culver City for two years.

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Jack Elam (1920-2003); another really great character actor. Could play evil and comic to perfection.

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