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African Nations Propose Legal Ivory Trade


Humans butcher elephants for their ivory. A baby is left without a mother, scared, traumatised, confused, alone and desperate. Left prey to lions and hyenas. Think about this the next time you buy a piece of ivory and imagine the horror and pain that these babies are subjected to. Lucky for you, this isn't going to happen to your baby. Help do something to stop the ivory trade. ❤•❦•:*´¨`*:•❦•❤

from National Geographic News

Breaking: Pro-Ivory Trade Country’s Change of Heart Upends Elephant Debate

In a dramatic switch the country with the world’s largest population of elephants, Botswana, urges a ban on ivory trading.

Baby Elephant. so cute

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Vintage Anti Ivory, Pro Elephant Shirt from Tanzania

Vintage Anti Ivory Pro Elephant Shirt from by 2PIFFED2SLEEP

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Adolfo Arranz at Malofiej 23

Adolfo Arranz at Malofiej 23 | Visualoop


This baby elephant’s mother was killed for her tusks. Here the orphan rests in a stall with her keeper at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Nairobi Elephant Nursery. The conservancy in Kenya nurtures many young victims of the illegal ivory trade. Some will eventually return to the wild.


If you care about these beautiful elephants -- the demand for their tusks is killing them off. Please join Leonardo DiCaprio and World Wildlife Fund in taking action for elephants. Sign the WWF petition to ban the Thai ivory trade: This has to end before elephants are completely wiped out. Thank you for reading.

from African Wildlife Foundation

Prince William Hits the Mark on Ivory Trade

Prince William Hits the Mark on Ivory Trade

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What’s Fair Trade Got To Do With World Elephant Day?

That's right so stop abusing, torturing and killing these beautiful, intelligent compassionate animals. It's just selfish and wrong. Get a job losers.