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Daily Affirmations: It's Ok

It's ok if this season is hard. It's ok if this season is messy. It's ok if you feel far from God. Thankfully our faith is not feeling based.

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Encouragement Art for Women - It's OK not to be Perfect- Art for Women - Quotes for Women - Art for Women - Inspirational Art

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I hugged a man who rear ended me today. He asked me out on a date and told me he was fucked. I said I'd call him if I needed him. I think I made his fuck up of a day even though I said no thank you. He said " I don't want to let you go." I told him "it's ok."

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30 Tips for People With a Mental Illness from Those Who Have Been There

Here’s a collection of insightful tips for people with a mental illness. These…

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It's ok to tell him that we aren't loving life and that this current daily grind leaves us feeling unsatisfied and disheartened. He wants us to tell him when our hearts are heavy and hurting just as much as he wants us to tell him when we're happy and thankful. That's how much he loves us. #onemorestep

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The power of the mind. You can get lost in the turmoil or you can create your path of light. Most but not all things are as bad as you believe them to be. You have the power to see any possibility of something good in every situation . For me I tell my brain what I need it to hear for me to feel ok. I'll find a way to not stress about something by digging as hard as I need to until I find the reasons that tell me it's ok. When I find that reason no matter what the problem is I'm ok…

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How strong are you really? do YOU get back up after a fall? Life hits us but dont let it keep you down. ON AIR NOW

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There's always a truth behind "just kidding". A little emotion behind "I don't care". A little pain behind "it's ok". A little I need you behind "leave me alone". And a lot of words behind the silence

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