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It Works greens are amazing! They boost your immune system and keep u healthy. Contact me at

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Use It Works Greens and Defining Gel to create a mask that will help tighten tone and firm your face while clearing up blemishes and scaring!

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Today I'd like to share with you a little summary of the "Greens On The Go - Berry" supplement from It Works! Global. While I would always advocate eating your fruits and vegetables fresh and raw, ...

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I LOVE the IT WORKS! Greens! Ask me about it. ITWORKS BodyWrap interested? Contact me at or visit my website at : 210-875-9290.Thanks!

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Another use for our alkalizing greens powder from a friend: Okay everyone I want to give a little testimony of my own! I have always had horrible teeth I drink coffee everyday someday all day! My teeth WERE yellow! So the past three days I have been making a little paste of 1 tsp of greens 1 tsp of baking soda 1 tsp spoon of hydrogen Peroxide And a little squirt of tooth paste Mix it good I brush my teeth with it a couple times tell all the paste is gone My teeth are so much…

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I can not even describe how obsessed I am with our brand new, reformulated Greens on the Go •2.5X the amount of fruit •55% more veggies •4X more fiber •Allergen Free •Soy Free •Energize •Alkalize •Detoxify •Smoother new texture Message me or text to be a 90 day product tester at my wholesale cost (40% off)

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